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Volumetric letters

Currently, volume letters are one of the most effective tools used in outdoor advertising. The quality production of volume letters, the variety of colors and shapes will definitely attract attention. There are a variety of letter manufacturing options, from small plastic to sophisticated, large-sized roof constructions. The most common letters used in the front of the illuminated letters are acrylic glass (PMMA), which can be colored or milk colored and covered with adhesive film – filter. The sides are made of PVC plastic. Currently, this work is done manually.

Our designers will offer a signboard layout, and our designers will provide the technical solutions that best suit your needs.

Volumetric letters may be illuminated or illuminated. For lighting system we use LED installation.


Standard light boxes are made of standard aluminum or plastic profiles. Indoors with LED installation, front with mostly milk acrylic glass (PMMA). Front – covered with adhesive film – filter (digitally printed or cut plotter).

Non-standard light boxes are made in a similar way to volume letters using acrylic glass (PMMA) and PVC. These types of light boxes are more complex and last longer than standard.

The awning light boxes are made of an aluminum profile tensioning system that has a Backlit (light diffusing awning) tension on the front of the support. The advantage of the system is that it is possible to produce light boxes of almost infinite length without making any connections. Our imported aluminum profile tensioning system, due to its simple construction, allows such light boxes to be produced in a relatively short time.


Advertising pylons are installed near buildings or other objects to provide information about fuel prices, services provided, companies working in the building, and branding. The pylons may be illuminated or non-illuminated. They are manufactured using a variety of materials that are selected based on the design pylon task. The main pylon constructions are made of steel or aluminum profiles. Plexiglas plastic (for illuminated project), composite panels for Dibond, Neobond, Aluwel (for illuminated or partially illuminated project), galvanized sheet, powder coated or glued adhesive film (for non-illuminated project) may be used in the front of the pylons .

As the pylon, like the signboard, is designed according to different volume solutions, sizes, lighting and color solutions desired by the customers, the price is calculated individually for each project.

Advertising on vehicles

Corporate transport is an integral part of the image. Almost every company uses transportation to promote its name, contacts (addresses, phone numbers, e-mail and web addresses), and services and products. For long-term projects, we recommend using only films specifically designed for car advertising, such as the Oracal 551 series. Digitally printed films will also look great, providing even more individuality and informativeness (eg if individual products are advertised).

With widescreen printers, our services in this area are expanding further: the end result is now much more efficient and less costly, to the benefit of our customers. We recommend laminating the adhesive film with a special car laminate. Press laminator (hot / cold lamination) width 1380 m. Laminated printing is more resistant to climatic conditions and mechanical damage.

We will calculate the price of the transport adhesive according to the layout we have created or sent to you.

Window graphics

Your shop or office windows and glazed areas can be a great place to advertise the products or services you offer. We provide window covering service from design to full implementation. We use various films for window graphics: printed film, colored film applications, perforated film (one-way), frost type and so on.

Information systems

Plastic (usually PVC) and aluminum systems are used for various indoor and building references. Mixed aluminum and plastic systems are also used. Plastic boards and arrows are covered with adhesive film. Most of the aluminum profile systems we use, Signet or Curvo +, have several ways of transferring information: by sticking adhesive film or by inserting information printed onto the rails (eg, office printer) specially made on the profiles. This is convenient when office numbers, positions and names often change in a company. In this case, the employees of the company can exchange this information themselves. In each case, a company-specific reference system – color solutions, sizes, fonts, etc. – is created. – be selected to best meet the requirements.

Various tables

Non-standard products

In addition to the usual signboards, non-traditional products are often encountered. Given the fact that our company is constantly invested in new equipment and technologies that allow us to take on tasks that are unusual for advertising manufacturers, we do not get rid of such orders and, together with our customers, look for acceptable solutions. We are always ready to consult, evaluate one possibility or another, and agree on the end result and implement it.

Milling services

We provide milling service with CNC milling machine. Working area 4000 x 2000 mm. We mill the following materials: plastic, organic glass, aluminum, foam, furniture board.

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