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Wide-format printing is one of the most popular forms of advertising in the world, which is becoming more and more necessary every year. This is due to the versatility of digital printing, its declining cost and the increasing variety of print media. Digital widescreen printing is seen every day - in sidewalk advertisements, vehicle advertisements, interior interiors, shop designs and the like.

Wide-format printing is available on the following materials: Tarpaulin, PVC mesh, molded sheet, paper, adhesive film (transparent / matt / glossy / colored), gray adhesive film, perforated film, interior tarpaulin, canvas, vivid textile, flag cloth.

Wide-format printers have working widths of 3200mm, 1600mm and 1370mm. These machines allow printing on any substrate: sheet, film, fabric, paper and more. In this way, we can offer you a complete service package: design, print and install a variety of products at your preference. By receiving all these services from one source, the customer can be guaranteed the best result.

We can additionally laminate the printing on the adhesive film. Press laminator (hot / cold lamination) width 1380 mm. Laminated printing is more resistant to climatic conditions and mechanical damage.

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