Pad printing

it is a way of applying a special swab to the image (logos, lettering, graphics) on smooth or spherical surfaces. It is a very versatile and commonly used way of transferring an image onto various corporate gifts. Very suitable for small details. We use semi-automatic pad printing machines in our company. Products: writing instruments, lighters, various pendants, souvenirs and so on.

We are a supplier of business gifts and textiles.

We also provide decoration services for these products (putting logos and various inscriptions on the products).

Products: Textiles (T-shirts, blouses, work wear, hats, umbrellas, bags, etc.), paper (business cards, invitations, cards, blanks, etc.), corporate gifts (calendars, clocks, cups, plates, mugs, cups) etc.), stickers, flags, etc.

On some surfaces (curved, cylindrical, with small notes), it is better to use pad printing.

Screen printing

it is a universal printing method invented in ancient China. The basic principle of printing is the transfer of ink by means of a special mesh with fine meshes on surfaces, shapes, and sizes of materials.

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